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sam owens


Solo artists are something to behold. Their lyrics are almost always personal and their instrumentals are always simple. Whether it’s a guitar with a couple of other tracks layered with it or just the guitar; something personal always shines through when listening to a solo musician. A man by the name of Sam Owens happens to be wonderful solo musician with some excellent folk flair without the twang.

I received the mail from the extremely talented Sam Owens about nine minutes ago while I was eating a Cesear salad with chow mein, trying to stay warm, and studying for my Communication Theory class. When my little mail icon jumped up off of my dock on my computer; I instantly was distracted and checked my mail. What I found inside was an incredible and bittersweet acoustic track from Sam Owens that I’ve already stuck on repeat. The song, Miss Hummingbird may not be as upbeat and as poppy as some people may like their music mixed but it’s charm really lies in the simplicity of the soft string plucking and Sam’s impressive voice. Miss Hummingbird has instantly became one of my favorite songs and hopefully one of yours too.

Sam Owens- Miss Hummingbird
right click and save as to download.



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