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music: francis and the lights


When I first heard Francis and the Lights I was in the library half-assing a study session with my girlfriend. Upon hearing the first song from the self-titled EP I was smiling and I immediately unplugged my headphones and plugged in hers. “Ha! It kind of reminds me of David Bowie”, she said. I agree with her, but not only does it sound a little like David Bowie it sounds like Francis and the Lights. The band is incredibly funky, original, and just downright fun. The vocalist is especially fun, he does this shit wacky falsetto shit that is totally addictive and it just fits so perfectly.

The groups instrumentation is grade A; it’s varied, sporadic, and beautifully layered. Their music has incredible production value and it shows. The number of instruments they’re using in combination with the excellent vocals and infectious synths make their sounds some of my new favorite of the year. I would share just one song but their entire EP is just incredible. Even better, Francis and the Lights are offering it up to you for free. It’s absolutely beautiful stuff that you have to download.

Francis and the Lights- EP
right click and save as to download the whole EP for free.


photo via flickr user, Richard & Gill.


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